With the latest opinion polls showing the Democrat candidate Joe Biden with a lead of double digits at 52% vs 42%, we are seeing the possibility that Trump’s tenure as president may be coming to an end. There is no doubt that Trump’s presidency has been controversial and eccentric, dominated by continuous and confusing messages via his Twitter account. Trump has always heralded the America first mantra, with policies designed to boost the economy. Before COVID-19, these policies had found favour with the electorate. But how times have changed, with the US economy along with the rest of the world experiencing severe downturns to GDP, rising unemployment and a population divided on how to react to a second wave of the virus.

Trump’s handling of and reaction to the ever increasing pandemic has been controversial to say the least, contradicting the views of his top scientists, whilst heralding the use of certain drugs such as Hydroxychloroquine that have been unproven by medical experts. The electorate has become disaffected with this confused messaging and the general response to the pandemic.

Trump knows that his only chance of being re-elected is for the economy to rebound strongly and that the pandemic is brought under control with damage limitation at the forefront of his mind.  Recently the president has called for a delay in the November election, citing the possibilities of vote rigging. We are more of the view that this is  his last throw of the dice to buy him some more time in his attempt to engineer a V-shaped economic recovery.

As many commentators have stated, one should never bet against this unpredictable president, but with the virus curtailing Trump’s capability to campaign with huge rallies and conventions as the showman that he undoubtedly is, the odds seem stacked against him.