About Baggette Asset Management

At BAM, we believe that sound, long term investments are the key to the best rewards. This integrated investing style allow us to focus on objectives, and not on industry averages.
We are confident that our philosophy differentiates us from our peers and always ensures that our investors are at the forefront of every decision we make.

Baggette Asset Management (BAM) was launched in 2017 and authorised by the FCA in February 2018, to provide Investment Management services through the Mazarin Fund range.


In 2019, Baggette Asset Management launched our discretionary management service following approval from the FCA to launch the Mazarin Fund range – Balanced and Cautious. A dedicated and focused team of investment experts are responsible for managing the Funds and there is a thorough asset allocation process which is overseen by the Investment Committee.

Why Mazarin

  • Invest with confidence – Dedicated, experienced team of experts
  • Proactive – The Fund structure allows BAM to be nimble, and react to markets appropriately
  • Up to date information and insights – Quarterly newsletter and factsheets, along with macro commentary

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